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Disability Resource Hub, Tampa, FL.

Disability Resource Hub - Winter/Spring 2019-20 Issue

Kookabuk was selected as the Cover Sponsor for the 2019/20 Winter/Spring issue of the Disability Resource Hub - a publication serving the special needs communities in Tampa Bay and surrounding areas for over 18 years. Inside (page 14) you'll find a wonderful article, "Because of Him, I'm a Better Father", written by author and Kookabuk creator, Kevin Howard. The Disability resource Hub, created by Phyllis Guthman, partnering with Bright Feats Directory offers disability information, resources and communications for Special Needs Ministries, Special Needs Sports, Recreation and Art Organizations as well as Statewide and Local Disability Agencies.  Phyllis has been a pillar of strength for the special needs community and is committed to raising awareness and providing support for individuals with disabilities and their families.  

Centro Tampa - Tampa, FL.

Centro Tampa Newspaper - Kookabuk Debuts in Spanish

The Centro Tampa Newspaper featured Kevin Howard, and his new children's book series The Kooky Adventures of My Friend Kookabuk. If you missed the print version of this wonderful article which appeared in the April 27th, 2018 edition of this weekly Spanish newspaper,  don't worry; you can find it online. Just hit the "Click to Read" button and find out why this author thought it was so important to have his children's book series available in Spanish.  

Tampa Bay Times - Tampa, FL

Tampa Bay Times Newspaper

Author of the popular children’s book series, The Kooky Adventures of My Friend Kookabuk, has created another way to help children and families touched by Autism Spectrum Disorder/Special Needs. It’s a BEST of HELP (BOH) Directory. Read how Tampa father, Kevin Howard, uses Kookabuk to help young autism patients. 

Building Blocks A Special Needs Magazine - Brooklyn, NY

Building Blocks A Special Needs Magazine/The Jewish Press

The Fall 2017 issue of Building Blocks Magazine showcases Kookabuk Shares His Shovel.   Read the wonderful review given by a magazine that serves as an educational resource and tool for  individuals and families dealing with Special Needs & Disabilities. Preview the entire Fall issue for a wealth of information, resources, and activities at


Building Blocks is a product of the largest independent weekly Jewish newspaper in the United States, The Jewish Press. Find out more about The Jewish Press at

New Tampa Neighborhood News. Tampa, FL

New Tampa Neighborhood News

The New Tampa Neighborhood News featured Benito Middle School teacher/coach, Kevin Howard, and his new children's book Kookabuk Shares His Shovel. If you missed the print version in the June 16th issue, no worries, you can now find it online. Just Click to Read how Kookabuk and his creator use the power of fun entertaining social stories to help children and families touched by Autism Spectrum Disorder navigate the challenges of new situations. 

New Parenting - SPECIAL CHILD - New York, NY

NY Parenting - Special Child Magazine

New York Parenting's SPECIAL CHILD Magazine  spring/summer 2017 issue  features Kevin Howard's article: Reclaiming Parenting Power After a Diagnosis - A Dad's Tale.

Houston Family Magazine - Houston, TX

Houston Family Magazine

April's 2017 issue of Houston Family Magazine features Kevin Howard's article: Reclaiming My Parental Power As The Father Of An Autistic Child .

University of South Florida - Tampa, FL


Congratulations to Kookabuk Shares His Shovel for being selected as April's Book of the Month by the University of South Florida (USF).  Kooky creator/co-author Kevin Howard thanks his alma-mater for this prestigious honor.

Benito Middle School - Tampa, FL

Benito Middle School Newsletter

Benito Middle School (Tampa, Florida) highlights Kookabuk in their monthly Newsletter. Creator/Co-author Kevin Howard shares where he found his inspiration and explains why he created the series The Kooky Adventures of My Friend Kookabuk.

Spectrum Inspired The Magazine - Vol. 2

Spectrum Inspired The Magazine

This issue of SI features Kookabuk Shares His Shovel and captures the inspiration for this much needed book series. Read the heartwarming story about where creator/co-author Kevin Howard found the inspiration to create a collection of social stories to help children and families touched by Autism Spectrum Disorder.   Purchase a copy of this wonderful magazine to get a sense of the beauty and challenges children and families face living on the spectrum.  


Order your copy by visiting:

Motherhood Moment - Parenting Pointers: New Experiences

Motherhood Moment - Blogspot

Kevin and Jesse Howard are interviewed about the importance of children facing new experiences with a positive outlook.

The Lebanon Daily Record - Lebanon, MO

The Lebanon Daily Record

Parents in Charge: Reclaiming My Parental Power As The Father Of An Autistic Child 

by Kevin Howard

How to - How to Learn Anything Fast

How to Learn Magazine

A Plus Magazine - Project Dad

A Plus Magazine

Reclaiming My Parental Power As The Father Of An Autistic Child 

by Kevin Howard


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